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Ron Alleman

Team Member Since 2011

Ron is 58 years old & has been a committed triathlete for 29 years. Of course, this means he has been to pretty much every race around & boy could he tell you some stories! He's also competed in multiple other races during his career, including 1/2 & full marathons and 1/2 & full Ironmans. He works for the City of East Lansing & in his free time he enjoys triathlons, running, cars & auto sports. A fun fact about Ron is that he is an identical twin. So, if you ever find yourself talking to someone that looks like Ron but doesn't seem to recognize you, you might be talking to his twin!


5k: 17:57

10k: 37:52

10 mile: 1:04

1/2 marathon: 1:25

25k: 1:46

Marathon: 3:20

Hawk Island Triathlon: 59:32

1/2 Ironman: 5:49

Ironman: 14:22

2017 GOALS

My goals for this year are to continue to promote LTT, my teammates & our sponsors. I also want to improve my race times where possible & continue to positively promote triathlon to kids & adults alike.