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Bethany Hartzell

Photographer, Webmaster & Support Crew

Bethany is 40 years old and was born in Jackson, MI. When she was just 2, her parents packed her and her siblings up and moved to the country of Panama to do missionary work. She lived there with her family until she graduated at age 18. Throughout her junior high and high school years, Bethany was active in every sport imaginable, although she preferred sports for the team aspect & not for the competition. In 10th grade, after suffering from severe debilitating pain in both knees, Bethany was diagnosed with youth arthritis & Chondromalacia Patella, also known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, in both knees. She was advised to immediately stop all activity that put extraneous pressure on her knees or she would require extensive surgery on both. After graduating from high school, Bethany returned to Michigan & became a ballroom dance instructor in the Kalamazoo area. Years later, after moving to the Lansing area, Bethany put her passion for photography to good use when she secured the position as Studio Director for a local well-known photography studio. Currently, Bethany is balancing life as office manager of her family's service business and mom to her 3 kids, almost 13, almost 11 & the surprise baby who is almost two! She also organizes regular events for a mom's group she started at her kids' school 9 years ago. When she's not managing the Lansing Triathlon Team from behind the scenes, she spends her free time photographing friends and family through her business, La Bella Vida Photography, inventing recipes for the triathlon sports bar she and her husband dream of opening one day, canning, making gourmet chocolates & spending time at the family's lake with family & friends.