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March 2, 2014



What are the qualifications to get voted on the Lansing Triathlon Team?


We have an application process that includes 4 very important questions.

Two questions pertain to your athletic abilities. We want to know where you are at on the competition/ triathlon circuit. In large part this is because our team mission states... "LTT aspires to be an elite group of members who are able to compete at a high level within their respective divisions." This isn't meant to be exclusive but rather the standard that we aspire to. The better we are, the more we podium, and the more recognition this gets our sponsors! This all translates to us having a better chance at sticking around from year to year & that means we can continue to put on amazing community events like our kids triathlon!

Another question pertains to how you will contribute to our team. We want to know what you plan to bring to our group. Each of us is important. We all have to want to be here inorder for us to have the most impact in our community. We will be calling on you to volunteer your time. We will be inviting you to hang out & become friends. We are looking for team players!

The final question pertains to how you will live out our team mission statement. Although we have a lot of fun, we have a purpose. We want to make sure that the people we are voting on are commited to the goals of our team.


When we review the applications to vote on new members, we look very closely at ALL the answers. We want variety on our team - that means men & women! (Although women do not apply as often). That also means different age groups. That's not to say that an applicant won't get chosen if they are in the same age group as others already on the team. Yes, we are looking for a somewhat experienced athlete, but experience or talent aren't the only things that are important! Remember those character questions?! So, it can easily be said that both qualities are equally important.

One final thing to remember:  If at first you don't suceed, TRI TRI AGAIN!!

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