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Milwaukee - August 10, 2013

August 10 2013
August 10 2013

.93 mile swim - 24.85 mile bike - 6.21 mile run

(1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run)



Place  OA     Name   Age   Swim   Tran1      Bike      Rate   Tran2      Run     Pace     Time

302     62     Nathan   29     22:37    2:33     1:02:14   24.0    1:19      41:13     6:37    2:09:57



Place   OA     Name   Age   Swim    Tran1      Bike      Rate   Tran2     Run     Pace     Time

485       67      Todd      38     27:07    1:59     1:04:54   23.0    1:06      39:47     6:24    2:14:55

498       70      Jason    37     23:50    1:51     1:01:47   24.1     1:07     46:39     7:30    2:15:16

734      102    Aaron    35     27.09     2:03     1:06:00   22.6     1:28     44:13     7:06    2:20:55



Place  OA     Name   Age   Swim   Tran1      Bike      Rate   Tran2      Run     Pace     Time

395      53        Kim      40     28:10   2:13     1:08:59   21.6    1:39       51:30    8:17    2:32:34


Place  OA     Name   Age   Swim   Tran1      Bike      Rate   Tran2      Run     Pace     Time

1337   140     Ron      54     30:17   3:07      1:20:02   18.6    2:14      44:53    7:13    2:40:35



Everyone had a story this year....


Nathan Kark's Journey to Nationals this year was superceded by his Journey to Ironman in Louisville, KY next Sunday on August 25th. With his regular 8 hour a day workouts, he is training his body for maximum endurance. Even so, he headed into this race full of energy. But, fate was not on his side either.... exiting the swim his whole quad severely cramped on one side & continued through the rest of the race. But, he powered through it & still finished strong at 62nd in his age group & 314 / 2677 overall! Rambo did us proud!

Todd Kauffman has been a part of LTT for 2 years now & before this year had only done 1 Olympic distance race. His Nationals adventure started when the whistle was blown for his age group swim start with NO warm up or warning! Running down the swim ramp he dove straight into the water & started swimming & actually PR'd it with a time of 27:07! (Maybe the warm up isn't necessary after all?!) He finished off the race pleased with his performance overall but ready to PR again next year! Way to go Todd!

Jason Hartzell's Journey to Nationals was backed by a hope to qualify for World's. Having hired a coach a couple years ago, he diligently trained 2-3 hours a day in preparation for this event. One week before, he felt strong & confident. But, fate would have other plans. Just 4 days before Nationals, he came down with a very nasty stomach flu. Laid out for a full 24 hours he finally started to recover a bit & then got hit with a second round just 2 days before Nationals! With a very tender stomach & still nursing a low grade fever, he made the 5 hour drive to Milwaukee with the rest of the team. Shortly after arriving on Friday the team headed to Discovery World for the swim practice. Coming out of the water Jason felt dizzy & nauseous. Things were not looking promising for the next day! Saturday morning came bright & early with a 4:30 am wake up call & Jason was more determined than ever to compete. But fate continued to have other plans....Although promised a 5-7 minute warm up swim, the whistle blew for the swim start while Jason was still walking down the ramp. Thinking fast he dove in over top of others who were holding onto the pier, allowing himself to get in front of a lot of the congestion.  However, he didn't have time to prep his goggles so he did the entire swim in goggles that were so blurry all he could see is the faint color of the buoys ahead! The bike went ok but by the time he hit the run, his body was suffering severely from the dehydration suffered by his recent sickness. As he neared the finish he pushed himself with every bit of strength he had left to not be passed one more time. Collapsing just across the finish line, he refused the medical tent & asked team mate Todd to help him to the fountain in the middle of the nearby courtyard. Slowly his body cooled down & he was able to get food & water and his energy began to come back. Although incredibly disappointed with his finish time, coming in a full 7+ minutes later than his typical finish, he is more determined than ever to come back strong & healthy next year & give it another shot. Hart, your determination & perseverance make us proud!

For Aaron Bales, Nationals this year was a B race as he didn't have plans to qualify for Worlds. Still, July was his biggest training volume month yet so he was feeling pretty fresh. Waiting in line to head down the swim ramp, he was assured by the race staff that they would get a warm up but as soon as they started walking down the ramp, the announcer gave a 45 second warning & the whistle blew before he was even in the water! Because of all the congestion at the start, he really couldn't go all out until a few hundred meters in. After that it was smooth sailing & he PR'd his swim with a time of 27:10 (so, again, maybe the warm up isn't necessary after all?!) The bike portion was much smoother & he passed more in his age group than passed him, finishing it up with another PR, right on the back of his last PR at Regionals! His luck was about to turn though & at about mile 4 of the run he began to feel major cramping in his obliques... different than he's ever felt before. By mile 5.5 he was in such pain he had to completely stop, which he has never had to do before even early in his training, and massage his sides. He was able to finish up still relatively strong & perform another PR with his finisher's time of 2:20:55! We are proud of all your hard work Aaron! It is really paying off!

Kim Albin's Journey to Nationals this year took a turn for the worst just THREE DAYS before, when she came down with a horrible stomach flu bug! After successfully making the 5 hour drive to Milwaukee on a still tender stomach, she carefully prepared her bike liquid fuel. Setting it in the fridge, it tipped & the whole thing dumped. With no back up, she nervously excepted fuel she had never tried before. Race morning arrived & fighting through the fever & GI cramping, she was hit even harder when the little cluster of damaged veins in her leg decided to amp up their pain level. She still finished with a smile on her face & new goals set for next year! We are so proud of our KimKimKaroo!

Ron Alleman takes everything in stride. If you are hoping for a wave & a smile from a race participant you are cheering on, just call out Ron's name & he will always deliver. After being a part of the triathlon world for 25 years, his approach to every race seems pretty relaxed & stress free. This year's Nationals wasn't any different! He decided at the last minute to compete the weekend before at the Mint City 10 miler.... like no big deal. With his 6:44 pace, he took 2nd in his age group & 13th overall! So, 1 week later in Milwaukee he was feeling it... just a little. As he approached the bridge in the swim portion, he hit rocks & got a bit cut up. Forgetting his body glide on his neck he successfully rubbed a couple nice holes in his skin by the end of the swim as well. The rest of the race went ok but the 40k bike was a "roller coaster of a ride" and he missed the 5 mile mark on the run, hence the puzzled look at the finish line! You are a motivation to us all Ron!


A big thank you to Jessica Corson of J&T Photography for helping to photograph this event! Check her out on Facebook as well.


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